24 Dec 2006

RockTheMonkees' OPTIMA PRO (UK)

A superb Optima Pro by RockTheMonkees from The United Kingdom.
Another Optimaniac!!! also known as Santa Keith :-D
check his Gallery at http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=7201
The Optima Pro 4WD was the first attempt by Kyosho to double shell bodies. The look was very aerodynamic and protected the chassis much better than previous bodies. The Optima Pro had the Turbo Optima's low-profile tires, no motor (H-240S or Spa 240WS recommended by Kyosho), no mechanical speed controller (electronic speed controller welcome) and therefore the steering servo was placed behind the battery thanks to a very long steering rod, and thus the weight of the car was slightly shifted to the front compared to previous Optimas, giving a better steering response. The car was fitted with red standard Optima shocks.
Photography by Rockthemonkees

21 Dec 2006

JAVELIN reaching the skies

Here's another shot of the Javelin from the run of yesterday... I love the nice contrast between the orange rollcage and the blue sky!!! This car is soooo photogenic! :-D

20 Dec 2006


I had a nice run today with my chap TOM. He drives his runner Optima Mid (Le Mans 240S motor, Bigwig's Mooncraft wheels) and I drive my runner Javelin (Tamiya Acto Power Formula Blue, Rocky's tires on Turbo Optima wheels). It was damn cold today (2°C) but we had a great time!!! Un fortunately I lost a kingpin on the front hub... (the suspect negative camber had to warn me :-D).

19 Dec 2006

White Optima (FR)

Unusual white Optima, from the french Sayroll from France! White Tamiya Supershot's spike tires (Supergripper) on Optima Mid wheels, and Platinum Shocks...
Photograph by Sayroll

18 Dec 2006


Here's the absolutely awesome Kyosho collection by Franco Gaetan from the United States.
Optimas, Ultimas, Scorpions, Rockys, Lazers, Tomahawks, Triumphs, Pegasus, Icarus, Cosmos, everything is here in this shot!!!
Clearly one of the most impressive gathering of Kyosho Vintage cars I've ever seen!
To visit his gallery and website:
Exclusive Photograph for The Optima House by Franco Gaetan.

15 Dec 2006

VINTAGERC.NET Photo Contest (FR)

Here's this year VintageRC.net Photography Contest winner in the restoration category, Skippy's Gold Javelin shot!

I've won the 3rd place in the same category, with my beloved green Turbo Optima... :-)

Just got my prize today... Nice uh?
All the pics at http://www.vintage-rc.org/album/index.php?cat=10


Waow! An Optima in a Plexiglas case, like if it were in an exhibition!!! This is a gold celebration Optima (of course!!! :D) but wears AYK Radiant / Viper (correct me if wrong) wheels and tires... Estimated value: .... mmmh.... 1000US$? What? more? ;-)
Photograph by Taka (aka The RC Hunter) JAPAN

14 Dec 2006

Optimas on CELLPHONES?

I was wondering if anybody was crazy enough to have a cellphone optima wallpaper... like mine for years now. :-D


Very very beautiful shots by Sixdub on TamiyaClub! The transparent bodies give the optima and Turbo Optima a very "abstract" aspect... a bit like CG... :-)
Javelin link
Turbo Optima link
Optima link
Great, Sixdub!!!

13 Dec 2006

Restoring a Mid Custom Part 4

err... Forgot to post the last pics... Some close shots showing the beloved oil damper parts, a le Mans 480Gold motor (used), and the silver wheels. No body yet. (Keiiiiiiiith :-D)

Looking for DECALS? (KW)

Then you could ask Marwan AlNusif to help you!
He has the reproduction decals for the whole Optima series, and they are really well made!
Photographs by Marwan AlNusif

Contact: marwankw@yahoo.com

Restoring a Mid Custom Part 3

Final stage of the restoration, motor, tires&wheels...
I decided to use Option House Low Profile Silver wheels, the one used on the Stinger MkII (silver painted version of the Turbo Optima wheels).

12 Dec 2006

LE MANS MOTORS on stage!

Whoever owned an Optima knows that vintage Le Mans motors from Kyosho are the most desirable and suitable for these cars... 240S, 360Gold, 480Gold, 360PT, 240SB, 480S, 240ST, speed 240T, speed 480T, etc. are perhaps the most expensive vintage motors of the web, alongside with Tamiya's Black and Techni-series motors?!...
Knowing that each Le Mans motors (ans Spa motors) costs around 40 to 80 US$ NIB, the value of the ensemble here is 4000-8000US$!!! :-O

I forgot to add: these motors ARE NOT FOR SALE :-D

SAND SUPER Tires overpriced?

Seen on Ebay Item 270067829681

90€ for 4 original Optima Sand Super tires!!!
Do you think they are worth it?
It's even more expensive than the average used Optima found on Ebay...
Is it the peak of the tire's marketprice?
When will an optimaniac decide to produce his own tires?

REAL Aluminium Wheel for Javelins

I really have a lot of admiration for Optimaniacs of all sorts... Here an incredible Javelin wheel... made in REAL Aluminium by the fantastic Eric Pine. Notice that the brushed and polished area of the original plastic wheel are perfectly reproduced!!! :-O

Javelin and Turbo Optima wheels aren't on Ebay right now, but you can perhaps order directly by Email to Eric: ericpine@hotmail.com
Thanks Eric!!!

11 Dec 2006

Restoring a MID CUSTOM part 2

Well... I want to restore it to a Turbo Mid Special, now ;-D
The part I like most when rebuilding a car is when I attach oil shock dampers :-q
And particularly Option House's Gold pressure dampers!!! (I actually prefer them to the later Platinum Shocks, they are simpler and work better, for me anyway)...


Item 250059005986
(ending dec 18th 2006)

You probably know this is a rare and difficult if not the most
difficult Optima to find, and here it is NIB!!! (=New In the Box, collector's jargon)... The seller, intwl7, has set a buy-it-now price of 1750 US$... I'm really curious to see the amount of the winning bid!!! :-D

9 Dec 2006

Restoring a MID CUSTOM

I wasn't particularly fond of the Optima Mid series, but with this one I changed my mind. The bronze anodized Duralumin 17S chassis is very beautiful, and the long wheelbase gives the car a better proportion than the original Optima Mid. The car here was found on Ebay (as usual) in a very poor condition.
I decided to change only the chassis by a new one, and to clean everything else. The transmission on Mids are particularly a very weak point, because of the closed nature of the belt drive system, and even a small dust particle can destroy the teeth of the gears if introduced through any small belt cover gap.
Of course this was the case here (90% of the mids I've seen had this noisy transmission problem), and I had no choice but to disassemble the whole car.

Kyosho mistakes?

Well... If you're a genuine Optima fan, you probably already own a pullback 1:43 mini-Optima...
And you should have noticed the two errors(?)... ;-)

8 Dec 2006

Tobbe's Optima Restoration (SW)

I think I actually saw this Optima on Ebay several months ago... I even placed a bid on it :-D
Very clean restoration, even if Tobbe "faked" the carbon pattern on the radio plate ;-)
Besides, his Scorpion restoration work is very remarquable as well!!!
Photography by Torbjörn Andersson

Gold Javelin

I've been asked to post pics of the Goldenboy of our office... A close shot of a Javelin with a gold celebration chassis, gold side guards, gold motor guard and a Trinity Horsepower 87 World champion motor.
(but no gold pressure shocks, eheh!)

UECHAN'S Gallery (JPN)

One of the best Optima Galleries I've ever seen, with restoration pics, and nice comments (sorry only JPN). Nice body colouring scheme, as well!!!

Here's a Turbo Optima Mid Special, one of the rarest Optima model in the history! (each store only had 4 units to sell, no more!)...
Photograph by Uechan

AOYAMA'S Gallery (JPN)

Well worth a peek, Optima, Yellow Javelin (rare optional colour), gold celebration Optima...
photograph by M. Aoyama


Kamtec is probably the most succesful vintage bodies factory on the web.
For Kyosho, their products range from classic Optima, Optima Pro, Turbo Optima, Optima Mid Custom/Turbo Optima Mid Special to Scorpion, and Assault...
The pic is a Turbo Optima (non painted) body.
Note that they could have some delay in their delivery...


If you are crawling the web looking for the ultimate optima manuals site, then I definitely recommend this one:
The vintage Kyosho cars are very well represented, in japanese, english, german, french versions!!!
Many thanks to Mid (the admin) for his great contribution to the vintage Kyosho community!

7 Dec 2006


When I was a kid, I had a dream... Optimas and Javelins everywhere around me... :-D


A défilé de mode of our office's Optimas.
Optimas, Javelins, Gold Optimas, Optimas Pro, Turbo Optimas, Salute, Optima Mids, Turbo Optima Mids, Turbo Optima Mid SE, Optima Mid Custom and Optima Mid Custom Specials.
Shelfqueens, projects and runners, all together...

6 Dec 2006

GENEALOGY of the Optima Series

The Genealogy of the Optima family is a bit complex, so a little explanation is perhaps necessary...
1. The Optima: the original chain drive 4WD buggy. Aluminium ladder type chassis. Polycarbonate body.
2. The Javelin: Optima with a flashy orange roll cage body. New shock mounts allows optional Gold shocks.
3. The Celebration Gold Optima: essentially a standard Optima with a gold anodised chassis. celebrates the 100.000th unit sold, limited edition 10.000 units.
4. Turbo Optima: reinforced Optima for 8.4V power. Le Mans 240S motor included, Option House gold shocks, under guard, full ball raced.
5. Salute: Turbo Optima with a more futuristic body, without motor. 2 versions (red and blue)
6. Optima Pro 4WD: last chain driven Optima, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) ready, without motor. undercowled body.
7. Optima Mid: belt drive model, midship motor (previously rear overhung) to improve weight balance, duralumin chassis. Le Mans 240ST motor.
8. Turbo Optima Mid: Optima Mid with full options (stabilizers, ball bearings, 2mm duralumin bronze anodised flatpan chassis, ESC ready)
9. Turbo Optima Mid SE: Turbo Optima Mid with Option House Platinum Shocks instead of Gold Shocks.
10. Turbo Optima Mid Special: long wheelbase version of the Mid, with saddle pack battery, carbon fiber chassis, limited edition (4 units sold per shop). Undercowled body.
11. Optima Mid Custom: long wheelbase, cheaper version (black dampers, duralumin chassis). Undercowled body.
12. Optima Mid Custom Special: long wheelbase, gold shocks, duralumin chassis, undercowled body, bullet type futuristic body. Last Optima.

THE OPTIMA: a bit of history...

The Optima was Kyosho's first big success in off-road 4WD buggies category. Following the technically-great but fragile-on-tracks Progress 4WDS (1984), the Optima made its entrance on the scene near the end of 1985, and rapidly became popular and successful on race tracks throughout the world. Kyosho sold more than 100.000 units and even released a (rare) celebration Gold Optima which is basically an Optima with gold anodised aluminium plates. The Optima series had probably one of the biggest family in the RC car history with more than 10 evolutions. Esthaetically, it was a mix between the chain-driven transmission system of the Progress 4WDS with the aluminium ladder type chassis of the Tomahawk/Scorpion.Technically, it had 2 gear-differentials, 4 wheel independant double wishbone suspension with oil-filled dampers, rear mount RS-540S motor and a polycarbonate body.

Kyosho releases the mini-Optima!

To celebrate their 15th anniversary in the die-cast model world, Kyosho decided to release a die-cast pull-back mini-version of the Optima. The scale is 1:43 and the model is supercuuuute!!! Look at the details!
Wanna one? Just go on Ebay!