6 Dec 2006

GENEALOGY of the Optima Series

The Genealogy of the Optima family is a bit complex, so a little explanation is perhaps necessary...
1. The Optima: the original chain drive 4WD buggy. Aluminium ladder type chassis. Polycarbonate body.
2. The Javelin: Optima with a flashy orange roll cage body. New shock mounts allows optional Gold shocks.
3. The Celebration Gold Optima: essentially a standard Optima with a gold anodised chassis. celebrates the 100.000th unit sold, limited edition 10.000 units.
4. Turbo Optima: reinforced Optima for 8.4V power. Le Mans 240S motor included, Option House gold shocks, under guard, full ball raced.
5. Salute: Turbo Optima with a more futuristic body, without motor. 2 versions (red and blue)
6. Optima Pro 4WD: last chain driven Optima, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) ready, without motor. undercowled body.
7. Optima Mid: belt drive model, midship motor (previously rear overhung) to improve weight balance, duralumin chassis. Le Mans 240ST motor.
8. Turbo Optima Mid: Optima Mid with full options (stabilizers, ball bearings, 2mm duralumin bronze anodised flatpan chassis, ESC ready)
9. Turbo Optima Mid SE: Turbo Optima Mid with Option House Platinum Shocks instead of Gold Shocks.
10. Turbo Optima Mid Special: long wheelbase version of the Mid, with saddle pack battery, carbon fiber chassis, limited edition (4 units sold per shop). Undercowled body.
11. Optima Mid Custom: long wheelbase, cheaper version (black dampers, duralumin chassis). Undercowled body.
12. Optima Mid Custom Special: long wheelbase, gold shocks, duralumin chassis, undercowled body, bullet type futuristic body. Last Optima.


Sayroll said...

Super initiative Ryo! J'ai hate de voir les photos de tes Optimas en ligne.

optimaforever said...

thanks sayroll!
but I'm waiting for your pics too! :-D

Sayroll said...

Oops, sorry, international blog. I was saying that it's a great iniative Ryo! I can't wait to pictures of your Optimas online. And I'll send you some of mine very soon...

Pixel said...

Yep, we wanna see your whole Optima collection on the same picture all together !

optimaforever said...

Done! :-D

Tobias said...

Thanks for the info, just what I was looking for!