6 Dec 2006

Kyosho releases the mini-Optima!

To celebrate their 15th anniversary in the die-cast model world, Kyosho decided to release a die-cast pull-back mini-version of the Optima. The scale is 1:43 and the model is supercuuuute!!! Look at the details!
Wanna one? Just go on Ebay!


Philippe said...

Soooo cute :)

Sayroll said...

J'ai reçu la mienne aujourd'hui. Le niveau de détail est impressionnant pour un modèle de cette échelle. Je crois que je vais craquer pour le Turbo Scorpion aussi!

Sayroll said...

I received mine today. The detail level is really impressive for such a small scale car. I think I'm gonna get a Turbo Scorpion too!