6 Dec 2006

THE OPTIMA: a bit of history...

The Optima was Kyosho's first big success in off-road 4WD buggies category. Following the technically-great but fragile-on-tracks Progress 4WDS (1984), the Optima made its entrance on the scene near the end of 1985, and rapidly became popular and successful on race tracks throughout the world. Kyosho sold more than 100.000 units and even released a (rare) celebration Gold Optima which is basically an Optima with gold anodised aluminium plates. The Optima series had probably one of the biggest family in the RC car history with more than 10 evolutions. Esthaetically, it was a mix between the chain-driven transmission system of the Progress 4WDS with the aluminium ladder type chassis of the Tomahawk/Scorpion.Technically, it had 2 gear-differentials, 4 wheel independant double wishbone suspension with oil-filled dampers, rear mount RS-540S motor and a polycarbonate body.

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