9 Dec 2006

Restoring a MID CUSTOM

I wasn't particularly fond of the Optima Mid series, but with this one I changed my mind. The bronze anodized Duralumin 17S chassis is very beautiful, and the long wheelbase gives the car a better proportion than the original Optima Mid. The car here was found on Ebay (as usual) in a very poor condition.
I decided to change only the chassis by a new one, and to clean everything else. The transmission on Mids are particularly a very weak point, because of the closed nature of the belt drive system, and even a small dust particle can destroy the teeth of the gears if introduced through any small belt cover gap.
Of course this was the case here (90% of the mids I've seen had this noisy transmission problem), and I had no choice but to disassemble the whole car.

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