24 Dec 2006

RockTheMonkees' OPTIMA PRO (UK)

A superb Optima Pro by RockTheMonkees from The United Kingdom.
Another Optimaniac!!! also known as Santa Keith :-D
check his Gallery at http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=7201
The Optima Pro 4WD was the first attempt by Kyosho to double shell bodies. The look was very aerodynamic and protected the chassis much better than previous bodies. The Optima Pro had the Turbo Optima's low-profile tires, no motor (H-240S or Spa 240WS recommended by Kyosho), no mechanical speed controller (electronic speed controller welcome) and therefore the steering servo was placed behind the battery thanks to a very long steering rod, and thus the weight of the car was slightly shifted to the front compared to previous Optimas, giving a better steering response. The car was fitted with red standard Optima shocks.
Photography by Rockthemonkees


Thomas said...

mmmh, too bad we couldn't see that famous under body :)

Anonymous said...

My dad put mine in the skip yesterday and I managed to retreve it!. I'm now have an un-usable Optima Pro 4wd with handset and Goldrush engine. Car is in pretty bad state with need of all new shocks and bodyshell. Can anyone help?, I need a manual as well.

optimaforever said...

Hello Matt
Browse the blog (parts);
Kamtec UK for the bodyshell;
Marwan for the decals sheet;
shocks are more difficult to find but you could find 3Racing shocks for Lazer ZX-5 as replacement;
For the manuals go to retromodelisme (link on the right)