15 Dec 2006

VINTAGERC.NET Photo Contest (FR)

Here's this year VintageRC.net Photography Contest winner in the restoration category, Skippy's Gold Javelin shot!

I've won the 3rd place in the same category, with my beloved green Turbo Optima... :-)

Just got my prize today... Nice uh?
All the pics at http://www.vintage-rc.org/album/index.php?cat=10


Live_Steam_Mad said...

Hi, I never really liked the Turbo Optima until I saw your beautiful green and white 2 tone one. Excellent work, looks awesome. I love Turbo Optima now thanks to you!! Also what did it was your earlier picture of the Turbo Optima, side on (Kamtec shell). I love your web site, I am really enjoying the pictures. Wonderful stuff. Cheers, Alistair G. (Live_Steam_Mad on TamiyaClub)

optimaforever said...

thanks for your support :D