15 Dec 2007

Optima House Posters

Hello fellow optimaniacs!
I finally decide to make posters to sell with some of my Optima House images.
As you can see, they look great in my office :-D
Professionally printed on glossy 260g/m² gallery quality paper.
Size is approximately a DIN A2 60x42cm .
Price is 30 euro, shipping fees will vary according to the country but will be around 15 euro.

Choice between 9 images:

5 Dec 2007

Optima Mid's Shock Tower "Carbon Edition"

And here's my Turbo Optima Mid Special with my custom made shock stays :)
Nothing exceptional, as you can see, the aim being that they look natural, no purple anodised custom shock tower here ;-)

29 Nov 2007

Carbon OTW-2 for Desperate Optima Mids

I finally managed to build custom made OTW-2 for Optima Mids!
This is the sweet name for the special shock stays released by Kyosho for Turbo Optima Mids and followers, namely: Turbo Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid SE, Turbo Optima Mid Special, Optima Mid Custom and Optima Mid Custom Special. They were made with black FRP, and the bad thing was that they tend to break during a race (mostly the front shock stay)... and therefore the OTW-2 is getting rare and expensive these days on ebay.
Mines are made with 2mm thick Carbon fibre panels, much stronger than FRP or aluminium (even if I prefer FRP for their beauty and authenticity).
If you are interested, I have some spares, so just ask...

17 Oct 2007

My Javelin (runner)

Everyday I try to run one of my cars. not the shelfqueens of course ;-)
This is my favourite runner, the Javelin (Trinity Monster Horsepower 86, Option House racing clutch 12T, Rocky tires on Turbo Optima wheels, and of course belt drive system instead of the traditional chain).

9 Oct 2007

Franco's Superduper Optima Mid Custom

Here's a WONDERFUL Optima Mid Custom, owned by the luckiest Kyosho fan of the planet, Franco Gaetan!
Most optimaniacs probably know him for the excellent vintagekyosho website.

7 Oct 2007

OPTIMA MID restoration by fab69

A few fellow optimaniacs used to send me pics of their cars, and that was great! please keep up the good work and keep sending me your pics! I'll be happy to show your cars to the rest of the optimaniacs in the world! :-D
Here a recently restored Optima Mid, by the french Fab69.
Photographs by Fabien Sanchez

2 Oct 2007

Optimas caravansary by David Brown

Here's a long convoy of optima, optima pro, turbo optimas, javelin, lazer (and a losi), sunbathing on the english lush grass...
Photograph by David Brown aka Kamon

1 Oct 2007

AWESOME Avante CG shot by TOM

Okay, it's actually not an optima related topic, but the CG works is absolutely amazing, so I post this awesome shot! Seen on TOM's blog Virtual garage enjoy the link

28 Sep 2007


Here's a wonderful craqueur job by Sayroll from France: a black orpheus Javelin!!! you can also check his entire collection here:
Photograph by Cyril Mund

28 Jul 2007

Finally! an update...

I haven't got enough spare time this couple of months, but I'm finally able to post this shot...
I updated the main gear, the belt, the upper deck and its supports...

16 Jul 2007


Due to a high popular demand, I found useful to present a selection of my old vintage Kyosho Catalog scans.

The Optima House proudly presents:



BLUE MID by Sayroll

Well well well... it's been a long time!
Here's the shot of the day, a blue Mid full options by the french Sayroll!
BIG bumper, blue wheels to match the body art, definitely an interesting work!
Photography: Sayroll

7 Jun 2007

Check this awesome site, mate!!!

Chap Tom finally launched a sister blog, named Virtual RC Garage (VG), which showcases his outstanding work!!!
Here's a snippet of Avante tires!!! No, it's not a photograph... :-D
Image by Thomas Delcourt

4 Jun 2007

A step forward...

Once again, gearboxes, with FRP parts this time! The FRP plates' side is very difficult to reproduce accurately, so I'll need to create a special texture map with Photoshop... ;-)

2 Jun 2007

The Project keeps going...

Until yesterday I was very busy, but ...
Here's the rear gearbox!!! :-D

31 May 2007

My New Project...

Here's a pic of my new project.
Can you recognise it? :-D
I LOVE this chassis!

26 May 2007

Wanna OT-30 Tires?

A french optimaniac managed to keep ALL THOSE ORIGINAL OPTIMA TIRES neat and clean during all these years!!!
One word: AMAZING!

24 May 2007

My life BEFORE the Optima...

Here's a shot of my very first car... I was dreaming of cars like the Tamiya Frog, Kyosho Tomahawk, etc. but I was 13 and couldn't afford it, so my mother bought me a Tamiya Mini-4WD Ranger (unless it was a Toyota Pickup?!), probably the first generation of mini-4WD, so popular worldwide today. I loved this little machine but I wanted a car looking more like a buggy, so I managed to transform it into a "tomahawkesque" form...
You can see I was obsessed by working suspension, a thing mini 4WD didn't have, and I even succeeded to achieve double wishbone suspension for the front hub!!! :-D The rear being a simple coil over a swinging chassis, with a scotch tape as hinge... All the hinges are in tape btw, even the front suspension! I didn't have the tools to make bolt & screw technology, so everything is made with cardboard, glue (Bison Montagekit and Superglue-3), cotton bud and Bic pen for the shock damper, some wire for the rear spring and the shock axle, and tape.

17 May 2007

The Best Shocks in the World

For me anyway... :-D
These Option House Gold Pressure Shocks still have a huge success nowadays, and are a necessary ingredient for racing of vintage Kyosho buggies like the Optimas and the Mids.
They were available as short, medium, and large sizes.
These are actually at the origin of my recent optimania-sickness; I rediscovered them on Ebay two years ago and happened to win them.
Well,... I had 4 wonderful shocks but still... no car. :-)
So I HAD TO BUY a Turbo Optima!!!
and a Javelin... and an Optima... and a Mid... and... and... and so on, and so on...
Find them NIB on Ebay has become very difficult though. ;-)

15 May 2007

MIDS waiting for some colours...

Well... TOM and I have a lot of mids to paint... but no time to do it :-D

14 May 2007

The Digital Optima Project - Part 2

Then I modelled the famous 5 spoke wheels and the (now) super rare tires... These are definitely the optima's signature!!!

10 May 2007

My DIGITAL OPTIMA Project - Part 1

Well... It's a very old project but it deserved to be presented on this blog.
Two years ago, I decided to model an Optima from scratch in glorious 3D.

I began crawling thru the web looking for material. I didn't own any optima in 2005, so I modeled everything from manual's scans and pics found on Ebay... and from my own rememberings (I had a Javelin when I was 15).

The only app I was confident with was SketchUp v4 (by AtLast Software at that time but now property of Google). So I modelled everything with that pretty straight-forward yet powerful 3D soft.

7 May 2007

Does Size Matter?

Here's the newest addition to the Wonderful Collection of Jürgen Hach; the original Optima, the Gold Optima and its little brother, mini Optima.

3 May 2007

The longest order ever...

I ordered these bodies to Keith (aka Kamtec) in december 06, just after launching this blog...
I've read lots of bad comments on forums everywhere about Kamtec's delivery speed, but I was thinking I knew how slow Keith was for making and shipping the replica bodies (I had ordered him several ones in the past), BUT this time, it was REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY SLOW (:-D)...
Keith laughed when I joked I was hoping to get the bodies within 3 months, but I was finally right ;-) and even far from reality (5 months).
I've always believed Keith would take his time but finally deliver the bodies... Nobody believed me on the forums, but, hey! The truth is that Keith always respects his orders... even when the clients have FORGOTTEN they actually ordered him anything... :-D