26 Jan 2007

STINGER: the Gas Powered OPTIMA

Today my chap Tom finally ran a Stinger MkII, for the first time in his life! Why am I posting a Stinger on an Optima blog? well... because if you look carefully at a Stinger, you'll soon realize that it shares 50% of the parts with the standard Optima! So the Stinger is the base of the Stinger MkII, which became Burns, which eventually became the now famous Inferno... with the success we know for Kyosho (6 times IFMAR world champion)! It's also the first gas-powered car we run in our office's small courtyard... and I can tell you it's noisy as hell!!! not to mention its gas perfume :-D It's like a living creature, the engine litterally breathes!!!
And for the details sake, this Stinger MkII is fully equipped with Option House Gold Shocks, 100% ballraced and driven by the famous belgian driver TOM :-D
Photograph by Thomas Delcourt

21 Jan 2007

Le Mans Motors Specs

Here's a snapshot of my Le Mans Motors collection. I wrote up the specs of the motors directly on the image for reference (without having to look for those precious vintage catalogs). It still lacks some data though, like rpm for the H-240S and the 360ST, so if anyone has the details, please send me a mail at optimaforever@gmail.com and I'll update the data sheet...

18 Jan 2007


Right after the yellow and green Javelin bodies, these must be the most difficult to find parts for the Optima: the bumper and the chain guard set! on Ebay now :-)
the OT-15 bumper
the OT-46 chain guard set

17 Jan 2007


Crawling through the web looking for Optima stuff, I found a very special club, called "the optima club". I didn't resist subscribing myself (naturally) , I'm member #60... ;-)
Sorry, only in japanese, but the site (part of Koujisan's excellent www.rc-off.com) deserves every optimaniac's careful attention...

Here's the Optima Mid of the member #07, Nisuke-san... original Optima-like paint scheme on a Parma body...
Photograph by Nisuke

15 Jan 2007


I've been told some people used my motors collection's shot as wallpaper.
Here's a decent wallpaper-sized crop of the Le Mans motors' shot.
Just for you fellow optimaniacs :-D

13 Jan 2007

OPTIMA from '86 Catalog

I've won a Kyosho '86 Catalog on Ebay recently... That year, the Optima was the hero of the show! 6 full pages to cover every angle of the most elegant buggy ever! According to Koujisan's RC-OFF site,
the Optima was actually released in october '85, followed by the Javelin in april '86.
Scans from the '86 Kyosho Caatalog

12 Jan 2007

JAVELIN in the Station

Another shot of the Javelin, taken in the marvellous industrial building. I definitely need to paint my driver to hide the electronics... :-p
Photograph by Thomas Delcourt


Today we had a very nice run with two friends! Three cars together: my Javelin, Tom's Optima Mid and Larry's Schumacher Cat3000!!! We took very nice shots, again in our old industrial building...
Photograph by Thomas Delcourt

10 Jan 2007

OPTIMA MID on the water

Today I didn't run at all. Instead I took pictures of the Optima Mid of my chap Tom running inside a huge, old , industrial building. Here's a shot of the Optima Mid (actually a Turbo Op Mid body with Op Mid decals), with its reflection on the water... I always prefered the Turbo Op Mid body to the Op Mid one, because I think proportions are better designed on the Turbo Mid. :-)

9 Jan 2007

Optima Sketches

Drawings of an Optima chassis study on a moleskine notebook. Nice drawings, uh? :-D

8 Jan 2007


Another Optima Museum, this time in Vancouver, Canada. This is one of the most incredible optima collection I know so far: everything is new built!!!
Where did John find all these parts? Look at this shelf: Gallop, Progress, Turbo Optima Mid SP silver, Optima Mid Custom, Turbo Optima Mid SP, Optima Mid Custom SP, Turbo Optima Mid SE x3, Turbo Optima Mid, Turbo Rocky x2, and something like a Tomahawk/Scorpion chassis... Further in the background one can see a Turbo Ultima, a Triumph and a Turbo Mid with a special body!!! Wow!
Photograph by John Kang

4 Jan 2007


Well... I have too much work... Impossible to keep the Jav at home, because a fantastic off-road course sits next to the place where I work :-D
Photograph by Thomas Delcourt

1 Jan 2007

Happy new year 2007!

I hope this will be an optima year! All the best for you optimaniacs all around the world!