26 Jan 2007

STINGER: the Gas Powered OPTIMA

Today my chap Tom finally ran a Stinger MkII, for the first time in his life! Why am I posting a Stinger on an Optima blog? well... because if you look carefully at a Stinger, you'll soon realize that it shares 50% of the parts with the standard Optima! So the Stinger is the base of the Stinger MkII, which became Burns, which eventually became the now famous Inferno... with the success we know for Kyosho (6 times IFMAR world champion)! It's also the first gas-powered car we run in our office's small courtyard... and I can tell you it's noisy as hell!!! not to mention its gas perfume :-D It's like a living creature, the engine litterally breathes!!!
And for the details sake, this Stinger MkII is fully equipped with Option House Gold Shocks, 100% ballraced and driven by the famous belgian driver TOM :-D
Photograph by Thomas Delcourt


Thomas said...

Damned beauty ! :-P

Pixel said...

Nice! Really cool the driver's name & team painted on the body !