4 Feb 2007


Here's my latest fantasy about Javelins. I had too many orange Javelins, so what if I painted the rollcage in, say, gold? Gold chassis Javelins with gold motor guard and gold sideguards are relatively common (though rare and desirable), but I'd never seen a golden rollcaged Javelin... I left the original aluminium parts in their natural colour, to create a constrast with the gold cage. I kept the regular red shocks as well. Gold on gold would be too much. :-D
ah! notice I don't like kyosho body pins (I prefer Tamiya ones), but it's even better without any!!!


Anonymous said...

You should also model the seam on the Sand Super tires and I think reduce the . The driver doll could do with more transparency and a few more polygons on the corners edges as they look a bit sharp. And the the inside of the silver wheels are still white in real life! :)

optimaforever said...

you're totally right!
It's more a personal vision of the Javelin actually ;-)
For the driver I did what I could within the modeling tools limits of Sketchup, but I could do more now with new softwares like modo, rhino or even with the old 3dsmax, but I tried to showcase what could be achieved with Sketchup alone so use another soft would be a kind of cheat. Anyway, I could model the standing seam on the middle of the tire, as TOM did on his Avante (btw also modeled with Sketchup).
The rendered was Maxwell (plugin version for Sketchup so I didn't cheat) ;-)