24 Mar 2007

Javelin Hero shot

Here's a new Javelin shot, my preferred of the Optima series, but you know that :-)
I was very busy these weeks, so I left my blog a bit, no time to run, too much work...

16 Mar 2007

Ernest Wei's Mid Custom (CHN)

Here's a cool Optima Mid Custom (long wheelbase Mid), fitted with gold shocks (unless it is a Turbo Optima Mid Special with Mid Custom Special wheels?)! One marvel of this car is its silent transmission, very smooth and reliable!
Photograph by Ernest Wei

12 Mar 2007

Jürgen's Kyosho Collection (DE)

Here's an remarquable Kyosho vintage collection!
Jürgen Hach (and his wife Antonia) are perhaps amongst the most famous kyosho vintage resellers of Ebay,
( better known as codename '166460')! I just realized he had a very complete collection of my favourite cars (Optima, Javelin, Turbo Scorpion, Turbo Optima, Rocky, Turbo Rocky, Ultima, Gallop), and as I was seeing his pics, I figured out how maniac he was: every line, every decal, every colour scheme is faithful to the box art!!!
I often see 'box art' (or supposed so) cars bodies, but usually a stripe line or two are missing, or a decal is misplaced, a blue slightly different from the one on the box, etc. etc. BUT Jürgen seems to be a perfectionist!!! His cars could have been the ones kyosho shot to be on the original boxes!
Look at the black line on the bottom of the body! On the box it's hardly noticeable and lot of people tend to miss it, but hey! it hasn't escaped to our eagle-eyed guy!
Photograph by Jürgen Hach

3 Mar 2007

Optima chassis by TC Bullfrog

This is very beautiful! These optima chassis were mirror-polished, and aluminium looks like chrome!!!
Very impressing...
Photograph by Rob Geremia aka Bullfrog on TC

2 Mar 2007

Turbo Mid SE by Titomaxx (FR)

Here's a beautiful Turbo Mid SE restoration, by Titomaxx
more pics here
Photograph by Titomaxx

1 Mar 2007

Vintage-rc.org gathering (FR)

I'd like to see this kind of things more often, really!
The fellow chaps from french forum Vintage-rc.org met at a gymnasium in Louvres, France.
Here's a snapshot of Daddy Turbo Optima (Sean Connery) and Junior (Harrison Ford) :-D
Photograph by Tom4

Pics here
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