26 Apr 2007

Gold Anodised Chassis for Optima Mid

I've decided to sell my precious gold anodised chassis OT-91 for Optima Mid.
This part is not the same as the OTW-3 bronze anodised one for the Turbo Optima Mid.
It matches beautifully with the Option House gold shocks, and a Le Mans 480Gold motor.
Link here

18 Apr 2007

Who designed the Optima?

The father of the Optima ligneage is Akira KOGAWA.
He was engaged by Kyosho when he was 18 and his first design was the Blizzard.
He is the designer of most of my beloved Kyosho cars, the Optimas of course, but also the Ultima (1st gen), the Mids, the Scorpions and Tomahawk (dunno if he did also the gas-powered Assault and Advance), the Maxxum FF and the on-road Plazma and Fantom. His last work for Kyosho is supposed to be the Maxxum and the Burns (dunno if he did the Stinger series neither...).

Mr. KOGAWA moved to the USA in 1988 hired by HPI (4 people at that time), and is now the head senior designer of the R&D department by HPI Racing USA, and codesigned the original RS4, totally designed the Micro-RS4, his latest work to date being the already famous Baja 5B, a buggy ressembling the Ultima and the Turbo Scorpion mixed together, but at scale 1/5...

What impressed me is that he actually designed the Optima when he was 23 and the scorpion at 20!!! he's a GOD for me!!!

Please note that I wrote his age next to each of his designs in the little black triangle.

16 Apr 2007

Gold Optima Pro by Tomomimi Shimon

Here're several cool shots of an Optima Pro by Tomomimi Shimon from Japan.
When you look closer, you'll see it's FULL GOLD CHASSIS + ARMS + SHOCKS... :-D
Photograph by Tomomimi Shimon

LINK to his website
(click RC at the bottom)

9 Apr 2007

Vintage Kyosho Museum by F2G78

Another Vintage RC museum, by a crazy french chap of mine, François de Gliniasty.
Photograph by F2DG78

More pics here