16 Apr 2007

Gold Optima Pro by Tomomimi Shimon

Here're several cool shots of an Optima Pro by Tomomimi Shimon from Japan.
When you look closer, you'll see it's FULL GOLD CHASSIS + ARMS + SHOCKS... :-D
Photograph by Tomomimi Shimon

LINK to his website
(click RC at the bottom)


Anonymous said...

wow! where do those golden suspension parts come from?

optimaforever said...

these parts were released by a japanese third party, CROSS.

Anonymous said...

they would look great on my optima(
www.rc-showroom.com/index.php?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=40&g2_itemId=2134), but they must be impossible to find. never seen them before.

Cyril said...

Wait till you see my Gold Javelin...