17 May 2007

The Best Shocks in the World

For me anyway... :-D
These Option House Gold Pressure Shocks still have a huge success nowadays, and are a necessary ingredient for racing of vintage Kyosho buggies like the Optimas and the Mids.
They were available as short, medium, and large sizes.
These are actually at the origin of my recent optimania-sickness; I rediscovered them on Ebay two years ago and happened to win them.
Well,... I had 4 wonderful shocks but still... no car. :-)
So I HAD TO BUY a Turbo Optima!!!
and a Javelin... and an Optima... and a Mid... and... and... and so on, and so on...
Find them NIB on Ebay has become very difficult though. ;-)


private hermit said...

Interesting project.

I've actually just completed an upgrade (to driveable status) of my old recovered Optima. I've got a set of 2 sets of tires; the pyramid studs and the extra-thick pin-style tires.

The current body is a poorly painted Associated B4 Proline body. Yes, it is nearly a crime to intermingle the parts, yet I'm thinking of bringing it to the track for some vintage laps.

rcjunkie3000 said...

I read somewhere that Duratrax now makes these gold shocks and are still sold today. Where can I locate a Duratrax set for my Optima Mid runner?

optimaforever said...

Indeed duratrax made some clones in the past, but I doubt they still sell any today.