2 May 2007

The Javelin Flag

I finally got the famous Javelin Triplé!!!
The orange rollcage NIB is very difficult to find nowadays, but what can I say about the yellow and the green ones?! They are sooooooooo rare!!!


dc said...

congrats. i have those as well...:)

Cyril said...

Well, I don't..:(
But I have a black one and I'm trying other colors on orange plastic spares.
By the way, where did you get the yellow one, it would look sooo cool in blue!!! ;)

optimaforever said...

hey sayroll
what do you mean?
PAINT a yellow rib in BLUE??? :-?

Cyril said...

Not paint, dye. I've tried dying orange in blue but results sucks, whereas red is cool. On a yellow rib, you should easily obtain a light blue...or should it turn out completely green...:-?
Anyway just kidding, keek your yellow cage yellow, it's too precious :-$