17 Oct 2007

My Javelin (runner)

Everyday I try to run one of my cars. not the shelfqueens of course ;-)
This is my favourite runner, the Javelin (Trinity Monster Horsepower 86, Option House racing clutch 12T, Rocky tires on Turbo Optima wheels, and of course belt drive system instead of the traditional chain).

9 Oct 2007

Franco's Superduper Optima Mid Custom

Here's a WONDERFUL Optima Mid Custom, owned by the luckiest Kyosho fan of the planet, Franco Gaetan!
Most optimaniacs probably know him for the excellent vintagekyosho website.

7 Oct 2007

OPTIMA MID restoration by fab69

A few fellow optimaniacs used to send me pics of their cars, and that was great! please keep up the good work and keep sending me your pics! I'll be happy to show your cars to the rest of the optimaniacs in the world! :-D
Here a recently restored Optima Mid, by the french Fab69.
Photographs by Fabien Sanchez

2 Oct 2007

Optimas caravansary by David Brown

Here's a long convoy of optima, optima pro, turbo optimas, javelin, lazer (and a losi), sunbathing on the english lush grass...
Photograph by David Brown aka Kamon

1 Oct 2007

AWESOME Avante CG shot by TOM

Okay, it's actually not an optima related topic, but the CG works is absolutely amazing, so I post this awesome shot! Seen on TOM's blog Virtual garage enjoy the link