29 Nov 2007

Carbon OTW-2 for Desperate Optima Mids

I finally managed to build custom made OTW-2 for Optima Mids!
This is the sweet name for the special shock stays released by Kyosho for Turbo Optima Mids and followers, namely: Turbo Optima Mid, Turbo Optima Mid SE, Turbo Optima Mid Special, Optima Mid Custom and Optima Mid Custom Special. They were made with black FRP, and the bad thing was that they tend to break during a race (mostly the front shock stay)... and therefore the OTW-2 is getting rare and expensive these days on ebay.
Mines are made with 2mm thick Carbon fibre panels, much stronger than FRP or aluminium (even if I prefer FRP for their beauty and authenticity).
If you are interested, I have some spares, so just ask...