15 Dec 2007

Optima House Posters

Hello fellow optimaniacs!
I finally decide to make posters to sell with some of my Optima House images.
As you can see, they look great in my office :-D
Professionally printed on glossy 260g/m² gallery quality paper.
Size is approximately a DIN A2 60x42cm .
Price is 30 euro, shipping fees will vary according to the country but will be around 15 euro.

Choice between 9 images:


Pixel said...

Wow, nice office wall. Do you live in a Tadao Ando House ?

optimaforever said...

kind of... :-D

Anonymous said...

can you give me info for hot tricks ram kit i have a turbo optima with a kit on it and belt drive and drive shaft dog bones novac reciver and speed controler one way front dif over drive gesrs twisters motor......exc please e mail me please p.reda@sbcglobal.net

optimaforever said...

what kind of infos exactly?
I don't have the hot trick hop up parts actually so I'm not sure to be able to answer correctly... :-)

Tobbe said...

How beautiful!!!