28 Feb 2007

Razorback/Smocky's Mid Cus SP restoration

A very clean and beautiful restored Optima Mid Custom Special, by the Vintage-rc.org forum goer Smocky!!!
More pics here

Photograph by Smocky

25 Feb 2007

Optima House Artwork

Hello fellow optimaniacs! I was so happy with my recent Javelin's shots I decided to make some posters of them.
They look very cool in my gallery... :-D
btw, please tell me if you're interested ;-)

14 Feb 2007

OT-14 for Valentine

February 14... 14... makes me think at this infamous OT-14 part. The one which get bent sooooo easily with the smallest of frontal accidents. Kyosho seemed to have noticed that, and provided a reinforced OT-14 (2mm thick instead of the standard 1.2mm) with the Turbo Optima. I have one different OT-14 per optima, this is really a very personal part of each car! A kind of signature :-D

11 Feb 2007


Here's my first attempt at integrating two things I love: modern architecture and Javelins. I love the sense of space, and plays of light of this house... not to mention its remarquable location, on the top of a cliff, above the sea.

Architects: Pezo Von Ellrichshausen arquitectos
Situation: Coliumo, Chile

4 Feb 2007


Here's my latest fantasy about Javelins. I had too many orange Javelins, so what if I painted the rollcage in, say, gold? Gold chassis Javelins with gold motor guard and gold sideguards are relatively common (though rare and desirable), but I'd never seen a golden rollcaged Javelin... I left the original aluminium parts in their natural colour, to create a constrast with the gold cage. I kept the regular red shocks as well. Gold on gold would be too much. :-D
ah! notice I don't like kyosho body pins (I prefer Tamiya ones), but it's even better without any!!!

3 Feb 2007

Duc@t's Turbo Optima in Action!!!

Wonderful action footage from France! I can feel the raw power of the Turbo Optima on this uneven, very hard dirt (the Carol Circuit, actually a 1/1 pit-bike track), it's really amazing! The driver and owner, Duc@t from the french Vintage-rc.org forum, is a Tamiya freak but recently decided to try an Optima. He says he was astonished by the car's behaviour! :-D Thanks Duc@t for the pics!!!
Photograph by Pierre Vercambre


2 Feb 2007


Today is a special day. 20 years ago, in 1987, I touched for the first time the box of my Javelin. I was hoping for several weeks that my uncle came back from Japan with the big orange box. It must have been a pain in the *** for him to travel in the trains, airport and plane with a luggage that huge... not to mention fragile! It caused my first love for the Javelin and even 20 years after, I can remember the precious instant when I discovered the beautiful box art after removing carefully the wrapping, my joy when I lift the cover off and discovered the superbly crafted shocks, tires, wheels under the blisters... aaaah sweet memories...
And yes, the Javelin was released in April 86 so this year we are celebrating its 21st anniversary...