19 Nov 2008

ZX-5 optimaforever modified

Inspired by Sayroll, I decided to find a ZX-5... Yesterday I've finally got one and modified it to my taste... :-D
Gold Shocks, 360Gold motor, new shocks layout, option house wheels and tires... Isn't that lovely?
I want now to paint it with Optima Mid scheme ... I'm still not decided; perhaps in Turbo Mid SE scheme with yellow TMidSP wheels? Totally TmidSP scheme? mmmmmh...

4 Nov 2008

UltimaHouse is born (built?)

The sister site is born. What? you didn't know I loved Ultima too?
After all the Ultima is a 2WD Optima :-D and deserved a special "house"... LINK

3 Nov 2008

Looking for OT parts number?

At times you don't want to crawl amongst build manuals to find that damn little parts ref...
I think looking for the correct parts reference number will be much easier, thanks to Franco from vintagekyosho.com
Thanks Franco!

2 Nov 2008

ZX-5 optima sauce

You can compare this pic with the previous one:
Sorry Sayroll, I've modified your beautiful picture of your ZX-5, just to imagine how it could look with:
- modified front shock stay and suspension geometry (lower, more optima like);
- modified wing (more inferno or pro-X like);
- front bumper (from the optima);
- slightly modified canopy lines and paint scheme (more optima like);
(I liked your hole drilled dish wheels so I didn't change them)...

Mmmmmh... add gold shocks and now, we're talking!!!

Photography and body design by Sayroll, modified by Optimaforever

19 Oct 2008

Le Mans Motors Sculpture - UPDATED

I wanted to update the famous (?) Le Mans motors sculpture shot. By the way, these motors are NOT FOR SALE :D
Still lacking: the 240ST, 360E, the old green 480T, and le Mans HF series... I am interested if anyone would sell any NIB.

17 Oct 2008

Need spare shoes for your Optima?

Well... Some optimaniacs don't want to ruin their expensive shoes (OT-30, OT-66) on running, so a wise workaround is to fit Tamiya Wide Stud #5305 or oval block #50268/50269 on original Turbo Optima or Optima Mid wheels.

But even these wheels tend to become rare and I can understand that some people don't want to scuff these. Of course you can use adequate adapters to fit Tamiya hotshot wheels on Kyosho Hex hubs, but they are rarer these days as well.

So again Tamiya's modern stuff being easier to find, I've been using their 5-spoke 2-piece wide wheels #50673 and Thundershot tires #50344. Yes, it gives a Tamiya-ish touch on your optima but I'm not concerned by keeping Kyoshomania by all means... :D

15 Oct 2008

Turbo Mid SE runner by TC's fantom-ep

Here's a very beautiful runner, a Turbo Optima Mid SE, fitted with TMS alloy sus arms, 3rd party undercowl to better protect the chassis from scratches, and Schum tires. Notice the tinted wheels, the clean layout of the electronics, Le Mans HF Torque motor (not really visible)... Nice work!
More pics here on Tamiyaclub
Photography by Jan Behrens

25 Sep 2008

Sketchy Mid

A recent sketchy render of my Tmid 3D model...
I love the look of the mid from behind :D

3 Sep 2008

Optima Mid Custom Special

Here's a shot of my Optima Mid Custom Special runner, equipped with a 3000 mAh lipo and a Brushless motor, fitted with Akira Kogawa's HPI Superstar wheels and Lazer ZX-5 shocks.

Javelins and Optima

Hello optimaniacs! Sun was absent from our skies recently, but this afternoon was a shiny one...
Just a shot of our office's Javelins and Optima...

4 Aug 2008

Nice Optima Pro! by Rob606

Another optimaniac spotted on Tamiyaclub!
The Optima Pro is quite rarely seen on the net, but when I see a lovely one, I can't resist post it! :D
As you perhaps already know, the Pro is a near-standard Optima (red shocks, standard rail chassis, no stabilizers, no under guard, no motor guard) but fitted with Turbo Optima wheels and tires, modified radio (upper) plate, and no motor as the car is supposed to match "pro" needs (that's to say: an ESC). The servo had been placed backwards near the rear gearbox in order to push the batteries forward, as the speed controller servo had become irrelevant (because of the ESC). This was the main reason for asking Akira Kogawa to redesign entirely the body lines, and thus gave birth to one of the best-looking bodies ever, the Optima Pro with its superb undercowl protecting the chassis from scratches and dirt!
Great work, Rob606!!! who, btw, decided to fit his car with option house stabilizers and a Le Mans Sports H-240S, a fine connoisseur choice! :-)
I was asking myself if the regular Optima Pro used the standard Optima Suspension arms or the Turbo Optima strengthened ones... I think it used the latter, so this OpPro is perhaps a Optima converted to Op Pro?!

1 Jul 2008

OPTIMA legacy lives on!

Here's a beautiful paintjob by frech optimaniac Sayroll on a contemporary Lazer ZX-5!
I prefer straight lines than today's ridiculous flames motif :D
Great work, Master!
Link to his gallery

29 May 2008

OTW-2 carbon edition: the come back!

Hello fellow Optimaniacs!

I've been asked so many times that I decided to make some OTW-2 again.
This time in 2.4mm carbon (a bit tougher than previous ones), they are gorgeous on my mids :-D
Interested? send me a PM !

19 May 2008

Ultima Shock stay Carbon Edition

I made some repros of the Turbo Ultima Shock stay UM-26, in 2.4mm carbon.
Way tougher than the original FRP version, not to mention the aluminium ones (always wavy because these tend to bend too easily) ;-)
Perhaps shouldn't I advertise Ultima parts on an Optima focused site, but I happen to have nearly more Ultimas than Optimas (naaaah! impossible) and most of my Ultimas missed their front shock stay (too fragile I suppose) ... So voila! No more UM-26 web-digging headache! :-D

Optima House made UM-26 are a must!
btw if you're interested, just check ebay... ;-)

NB after all, Ultimas are 2WD Optimas, so no worries, I may post about Ultimas as well gnark gnark gnark... :-D

13 May 2008

Belt drive kit for the OPTIMA

Several optimaniacs asked me lots of questions about the belt drive conversion kit for the standard genuine optima series. Here are the useful infos.

Documentation Courtesy of David Alary aka Razorback RC

23 Apr 2008

My collection of mini 4WD 1/32

Hello optimaniacs!
Besides vintage 1/10 kyosho cars, I also collect 1/32 marui and tamiya vintage mini 4WD.
Here's a shot of my actual collection, so far... You can see the optima (of course), turbo optima, optima mid, turbo optima mid, rocky, turbo rocky, samurai, ninja, shogun, hunter, hotshot, hornet, fox, boomerang, bigwig, avante, avante mkII...
I've found a japanese guy who managed to build a turbo optima too.

8 Apr 2008

Great restored Optima in action by Supergreg

Another big optimaniac from Germany :-)
The painting work is very clean, and close to box art.
Even though the car looks like a shelfqueen, Supergreg preferred instead to run it in the mud :-D
Great shots, taken by his girlfriend (wow)!
Photography Miss Kai Gräser
More pics here.
the Restored Optima here
supergreg's own RCblog here

22 Mar 2008

Turbo Javelin Project from Dusseldorf

Wow... I totally forgot to update my blog... sorry, optimaniacs :-)
I often receive great shots from optimaniacs all over the world, but I must admit Gerolf's work is amongst the top of the crop :-D His turbo scorpion was admirable but this great Turbo-fied Javelin restoration work really deserves shot of the day ;-)

Photography by Gerolf Reichenthaler

10 Jan 2008

Good News from Kuwait !!! :-)))

If, like me, you were waiting for somebody to tackle the challenge of reproducing the very rare bullet shaped body of the Optima Mid Custom Special OR (even rarer) the exquisite original body of the limited Turbo Optima Mid Special, or the not-less-desirable Turbo Scorpion, the wait is finally over!!!
Well-known kyoshomaniac / optimaniac Marwan AlNusif sent me today pics of his repro series to come:

1- Turbo optima Mid Special OT-117 (The original Shape)

2- Optima Mid Custom Special OT-125

3- Optima Mid Custom OT-117

4- Turbo Scorpion body kit

a note on OT-117 :

"Due to its limited availability of Turbo optima Mid Special Kyosho collectors tried converting their Optima Mid Custom or Custom Special to the Turbo Special version, most of the conversion parts are available as option parts except for one part!? The body (OT-117)

Turbo Optima Mid Special uses a rare or rather a non existing version of its OT-117 body, even buying a spare body won't get you anywhere because all of the available spare bodies are made with half bubble on the left side of the body which the Turbo Optima Mid Special body doesn¢t have ( I have a Turbo optima Mid Special Kit and I know this), the half bubble was made to accommodate the servo horn for the mechanical speed controller although the box photo in Optima Mid Custom is showing the no bubble one.

No matter what options you add to your Optima Mid Custom or Custom Special you'll not be able to have the Turbo Special look unless you get non bubbled OT-117 (and of course the decal sheet OT-118), I have managed to reproduce the non bubbled version of the OT-117 check out the attached photos"

my bodies features:

1- Very rigid and high quality Polycarbonate.

2- With protective film for easy painting and protection for superb finish.

3- Comes as a complete package with super quality decal, no need to search for other parts to complete your restoration.

4- Includes an instruction sheet for easy cutting, moreover as you can see in one of the photos the cut lines are marked with blue ink on the protective film for no mistake cutting (conservative cut line that might need more trimming when fitting the body, so no over cutting here)

5- Body pieces are individually rapped and labeled.
Regards Marwan

Contact marwan:

6 Jan 2008

Face Up!

A little update...
I just finished the steering assembly; have to tackle the LeMans motor now... :-D

2 Jan 2008

UP: My Mid Project

Well, well... I spent part of my holidays updating my optima mid virtual model.
Here's the result, after hours of modelling, rendering, and light tweaking. I LOVE the goldshocks!

1 Jan 2008

Happy New Year!

One year already that this blog for optimaniacs goes on!
I wish you a great year 2008! and keep sending me nice shots of optima series :-)