10 Jan 2008

Good News from Kuwait !!! :-)))

If, like me, you were waiting for somebody to tackle the challenge of reproducing the very rare bullet shaped body of the Optima Mid Custom Special OR (even rarer) the exquisite original body of the limited Turbo Optima Mid Special, or the not-less-desirable Turbo Scorpion, the wait is finally over!!!
Well-known kyoshomaniac / optimaniac Marwan AlNusif sent me today pics of his repro series to come:

1- Turbo optima Mid Special OT-117 (The original Shape)

2- Optima Mid Custom Special OT-125

3- Optima Mid Custom OT-117

4- Turbo Scorpion body kit

a note on OT-117 :

"Due to its limited availability of Turbo optima Mid Special Kyosho collectors tried converting their Optima Mid Custom or Custom Special to the Turbo Special version, most of the conversion parts are available as option parts except for one part!? The body (OT-117)

Turbo Optima Mid Special uses a rare or rather a non existing version of its OT-117 body, even buying a spare body won't get you anywhere because all of the available spare bodies are made with half bubble on the left side of the body which the Turbo Optima Mid Special body doesn¢t have ( I have a Turbo optima Mid Special Kit and I know this), the half bubble was made to accommodate the servo horn for the mechanical speed controller although the box photo in Optima Mid Custom is showing the no bubble one.

No matter what options you add to your Optima Mid Custom or Custom Special you'll not be able to have the Turbo Special look unless you get non bubbled OT-117 (and of course the decal sheet OT-118), I have managed to reproduce the non bubbled version of the OT-117 check out the attached photos"

my bodies features:

1- Very rigid and high quality Polycarbonate.

2- With protective film for easy painting and protection for superb finish.

3- Comes as a complete package with super quality decal, no need to search for other parts to complete your restoration.

4- Includes an instruction sheet for easy cutting, moreover as you can see in one of the photos the cut lines are marked with blue ink on the protective film for no mistake cutting (conservative cut line that might need more trimming when fitting the body, so no over cutting here)

5- Body pieces are individually rapped and labeled.
Regards Marwan

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