2 Jan 2008

UP: My Mid Project

Well, well... I spent part of my holidays updating my optima mid virtual model.
Here's the result, after hours of modelling, rendering, and light tweaking. I LOVE the goldshocks!


Pixel said...

Craquage orange-bleu hi class !!!

michel said...

Attends, mais ATTENDS UN PEU! Elle est super top notch celle-ci! dudjuuu, ça TUUUUUUUUE! Tu t'améliores de jour en jour mon p'tit Ryo, comme le bon vin!

optimaforever said...

thanks les gars :-)
and happy nouvel an!

thomasdup said...

i use race touring cars with a friend of mine and he had this sand master in his box and it did not have a body but it looked great and i desided that i was going to ask him to sell it to me so i asked him and he ended up giving it to me. i have owned alot of cars but this is stil my favorite.my frend pased away and i cant find out the exact model. i think it is a optima mid tubo were can i find out and get parts becaus the kyosho people in SA is useless

thomas du plessis
south africa

optimaforever said...

on ebay, or on tamiyaclub.com, and other RC forums, of course!
Otherwise you could just ask here ;-)