23 Apr 2008

My collection of mini 4WD 1/32

Hello optimaniacs!
Besides vintage 1/10 kyosho cars, I also collect 1/32 marui and tamiya vintage mini 4WD.
Here's a shot of my actual collection, so far... You can see the optima (of course), turbo optima, optima mid, turbo optima mid, rocky, turbo rocky, samurai, ninja, shogun, hunter, hotshot, hornet, fox, boomerang, bigwig, avante, avante mkII...
I've found a japanese guy who managed to build a turbo optima too.

8 Apr 2008

Great restored Optima in action by Supergreg

Another big optimaniac from Germany :-)
The painting work is very clean, and close to box art.
Even though the car looks like a shelfqueen, Supergreg preferred instead to run it in the mud :-D
Great shots, taken by his girlfriend (wow)!
Photography Miss Kai Gräser
More pics here.
the Restored Optima here
supergreg's own RCblog here