13 May 2008

Belt drive kit for the OPTIMA

Several optimaniacs asked me lots of questions about the belt drive conversion kit for the standard genuine optima series. Here are the useful infos.

Documentation Courtesy of David Alary aka Razorback RC


Franco said...

Both the gears for the Mid and regular optima look the same, are they?


optimaforever said...

Yes, they are.

laxpepsi said...

where can I get a belt drive conversion kit for an optima. I can't find one on ebay and I have been looking for a little while now. Either an original kit or reproduction would be fine. I'd even settle for buying the parts separately if I can't get the kit.

I am also looking for a plastic front bumper. Original or reproduction would be ok.

optimaforever said...

You can find some diff gears for optima mid and the belt too. It will be cheaper than a conversion kit.
My chap TOM uses his optima with these without the little pulley and a 11T motor without fear :D
However, Jürgen and Antonia Hach sell some belt and gearbox on ebay.
For the OT-15 bumper, just look on ebay and tamiyaclub. They are sold out everywhere (not surprising for a 20 years old part though)...

Mark Hall said...

Has anyone compared the 2016 Optima belt (0T227) to a vintage OT89? It looks to me (from photos) like they've changed the pitch. I guess this means that the claimed parts compatibility only goes so far :-) Similarly, I noticed that the bearings that go on the outside of the diffs have changed from 14x8 to 15x10! I would assume that would mean that any vintage owners replacing gearboxes with re-release versions would find that their diffs have a bit of play in the gearbox housings. I was thinking about upgrading my vintage Optima's rear transmission with the re-releases 48 pitch slipper arrangement, but given the change in belt/pulley pitch I'll also have to replace the belt and upgrade the front diff too.