19 May 2008

Ultima Shock stay Carbon Edition

I made some repros of the Turbo Ultima Shock stay UM-26, in 2.4mm carbon.
Way tougher than the original FRP version, not to mention the aluminium ones (always wavy because these tend to bend too easily) ;-)
Perhaps shouldn't I advertise Ultima parts on an Optima focused site, but I happen to have nearly more Ultimas than Optimas (naaaah! impossible) and most of my Ultimas missed their front shock stay (too fragile I suppose) ... So voila! No more UM-26 web-digging headache! :-D

Optima House made UM-26 are a must!
btw if you're interested, just check ebay... ;-)

NB after all, Ultimas are 2WD Optimas, so no worries, I may post about Ultimas as well gnark gnark gnark... :-D


Franco said...

Those are very nice, even better for us that have many Ultimas! :)


optimaforever said...

Thanks my friend!
These are perfect on my shelfqueens :-D