4 Aug 2008

Nice Optima Pro! by Rob606

Another optimaniac spotted on Tamiyaclub!
The Optima Pro is quite rarely seen on the net, but when I see a lovely one, I can't resist post it! :D
As you perhaps already know, the Pro is a near-standard Optima (red shocks, standard rail chassis, no stabilizers, no under guard, no motor guard) but fitted with Turbo Optima wheels and tires, modified radio (upper) plate, and no motor as the car is supposed to match "pro" needs (that's to say: an ESC). The servo had been placed backwards near the rear gearbox in order to push the batteries forward, as the speed controller servo had become irrelevant (because of the ESC). This was the main reason for asking Akira Kogawa to redesign entirely the body lines, and thus gave birth to one of the best-looking bodies ever, the Optima Pro with its superb undercowl protecting the chassis from scratches and dirt!
Great work, Rob606!!! who, btw, decided to fit his car with option house stabilizers and a Le Mans Sports H-240S, a fine connoisseur choice! :-)
I was asking myself if the regular Optima Pro used the standard Optima Suspension arms or the Turbo Optima strengthened ones... I think it used the latter, so this OpPro is perhaps a Optima converted to Op Pro?!