25 Sep 2008

Sketchy Mid

A recent sketchy render of my Tmid 3D model...
I love the look of the mid from behind :D


LYF said...

I'm a big Optima fan coming from Taiwan. Upon seeing this website, I realized this website is extraordinary,you really did an excellent job.

I have a few Optima runners or some for display to show,such as my modified Optima showed as the link below, how can I reach you and send you pictures?


LYF said...

My e-mail:


LYF (Taiwan)

Joe said...

Hi there,

Does any one know if the Kyosho Rear Diff part number WBD3 for Lazer ZX/ZXR is compatable with my Optima Mid Custom Special ?

Thanks for your help


optimaforever said...

yes, it is.