19 Nov 2008

ZX-5 optimaforever modified

Inspired by Sayroll, I decided to find a ZX-5... Yesterday I've finally got one and modified it to my taste... :-D
Gold Shocks, 360Gold motor, new shocks layout, option house wheels and tires... Isn't that lovely?
I want now to paint it with Optima Mid scheme ... I'm still not decided; perhaps in Turbo Mid SE scheme with yellow TMidSP wheels? Totally TmidSP scheme? mmmmmh...

4 Nov 2008

UltimaHouse is born (built?)

The sister site is born. What? you didn't know I loved Ultima too?
After all the Ultima is a 2WD Optima :-D and deserved a special "house"... LINK

3 Nov 2008

Looking for OT parts number?

At times you don't want to crawl amongst build manuals to find that damn little parts ref...
I think looking for the correct parts reference number will be much easier, thanks to Franco from vintagekyosho.com
Thanks Franco!

2 Nov 2008

ZX-5 optima sauce

You can compare this pic with the previous one:
Sorry Sayroll, I've modified your beautiful picture of your ZX-5, just to imagine how it could look with:
- modified front shock stay and suspension geometry (lower, more optima like);
- modified wing (more inferno or pro-X like);
- front bumper (from the optima);
- slightly modified canopy lines and paint scheme (more optima like);
(I liked your hole drilled dish wheels so I didn't change them)...

Mmmmmh... add gold shocks and now, we're talking!!!

Photography and body design by Sayroll, modified by Optimaforever