19 Nov 2008

ZX-5 optimaforever modified

Inspired by Sayroll, I decided to find a ZX-5... Yesterday I've finally got one and modified it to my taste... :-D
Gold Shocks, 360Gold motor, new shocks layout, option house wheels and tires... Isn't that lovely?
I want now to paint it with Optima Mid scheme ... I'm still not decided; perhaps in Turbo Mid SE scheme with yellow TMidSP wheels? Totally TmidSP scheme? mmmmmh...


Anonymous said...

Very nice ZX-5 Mod. I can't wait to see how the paint job turns out. Do you have any closeups of your front shock tower modification or more details? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hy, optimaforever!

Cub that I wrote it here, they did not touch these the borg to thingamies.
A couple of his days I obtained it an hardly incomplete frame, I have a little trouble with this.
I cannot identify it, a lot the different component some than:
-upper frame, rocking arms, C form, rear walnuts, rear spring tower, but yet the battery fixing neither...

Tipe Kyosho is Optima Mid Custom Special according to the salesman.

Round taking a photo but some email address would be needed where I may send it.
For me here write: cerberus_huWORMmsnDOTcom

Presumably difficultly understandable, with what translator I used a program.

K.Sz. from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Hy, optimaforever!

Cub that here ointments, but they did not touch this: bologger.

The I obtained a slightly incomplete chassis, only a better kind recently hobby buggy is made to need would be, but it came in the direction of me ;D

According to the salesman his type Kyosho Optima Mid Custom Special.
I was searching approximately a day after manuel, I looked into it a little bit next, at this time beginning to become clear that this something else...
That any kind of optima resembles a model they I list it:
- upper frame
- lower arms
- C forms
- rear wheel hubs
- rear spring tower
- battery holder... and a couple changes of thing.
On the rear drive some other kind of from within, the ribbed strap (there and back) the spurn goes out at the axis of a wheel ahead directly, and an other ribbed strap goes within back.

I would send pictures that let me find it out we this, but an email address would be needed for him, for me here you can write: cerberus_huWORMmsnDOTcom.

I hope for it you can interpret it, I do not speak this in English with a program reverse.

Szabolcs from Hungary

Anonymous said...

I did not read the answer at the time of the sending of the message because of this was going double, I hope for it I took it off well and you are the chief here "kyosoforewer".


optimaforever said...

you can send me the image at:
optimaforever (at) gmail.com

rcjunkie3000 said...

Are the Pargu Turbo Optima Mid Special Aluminum wheels used on this ZX-5? If so, are they the narrow fronts and the wide rear wheels? Thank you.