29 May 2008

OTW-2 carbon edition: the come back!

Hello fellow Optimaniacs!

I've been asked so many times that I decided to make some OTW-2 again.
This time in 2.4mm carbon (a bit tougher than previous ones), they are gorgeous on my mids :-D
Interested? send me a PM !

19 May 2008

Ultima Shock stay Carbon Edition

I made some repros of the Turbo Ultima Shock stay UM-26, in 2.4mm carbon.
Way tougher than the original FRP version, not to mention the aluminium ones (always wavy because these tend to bend too easily) ;-)
Perhaps shouldn't I advertise Ultima parts on an Optima focused site, but I happen to have nearly more Ultimas than Optimas (naaaah! impossible) and most of my Ultimas missed their front shock stay (too fragile I suppose) ... So voila! No more UM-26 web-digging headache! :-D

Optima House made UM-26 are a must!
btw if you're interested, just check ebay... ;-)

NB after all, Ultimas are 2WD Optimas, so no worries, I may post about Ultimas as well gnark gnark gnark... :-D

13 May 2008

Belt drive kit for the OPTIMA

Several optimaniacs asked me lots of questions about the belt drive conversion kit for the standard genuine optima series. Here are the useful infos.

Documentation Courtesy of David Alary aka Razorback RC