19 Oct 2008

Le Mans Motors Sculpture - UPDATED

I wanted to update the famous (?) Le Mans motors sculpture shot. By the way, these motors are NOT FOR SALE :D
Still lacking: the 240ST, 360E, the old green 480T, and le Mans HF series... I am interested if anyone would sell any NIB.

17 Oct 2008

Need spare shoes for your Optima?

Well... Some optimaniacs don't want to ruin their expensive shoes (OT-30, OT-66) on running, so a wise workaround is to fit Tamiya Wide Stud #5305 or oval block #50268/50269 on original Turbo Optima or Optima Mid wheels.

But even these wheels tend to become rare and I can understand that some people don't want to scuff these. Of course you can use adequate adapters to fit Tamiya hotshot wheels on Kyosho Hex hubs, but they are rarer these days as well.

So again Tamiya's modern stuff being easier to find, I've been using their 5-spoke 2-piece wide wheels #50673 and Thundershot tires #50344. Yes, it gives a Tamiya-ish touch on your optima but I'm not concerned by keeping Kyoshomania by all means... :D

15 Oct 2008

Turbo Mid SE runner by TC's fantom-ep

Here's a very beautiful runner, a Turbo Optima Mid SE, fitted with TMS alloy sus arms, 3rd party undercowl to better protect the chassis from scratches, and Schum tires. Notice the tinted wheels, the clean layout of the electronics, Le Mans HF Torque motor (not really visible)... Nice work!
More pics here on Tamiyaclub
Photography by Jan Behrens