28 Dec 2009

looking for Option House Low Profile tire?

Do you recognize this one? Actually it's a very truthfully cloned wide Option House low profile tire (Hard type). Instead of the signs "Bridgestone" & "Sand Super", one can read "Dirt Paw". The size fits 1.9" low profile wheels perfectly (turbo Optima OT-67 / optima Mid OT-90 / all 1.9" Ultima wide wheels).
On the side point, they smell very much (burnt gum) when they're new and tend to get white very quickly if not used.
The good news is that it's not vintage at all, and can be bought by Conrad Belgium for 4.99€ (a pair). With these you can run your Optima & Mids without sacrifying your very expensive originals (that ought to the shelves)...
Isn't life beautiful? :D

8 Dec 2009

JPS Optima by Tamiyoman

Here's a superb John Player Special livery painted by Myles aka Tamiyoman from TamiyaClub.
A little excerpt : "Painted the Marwan repro shell myself (PS-1 black looks great but i suffered a little paint bleed on the gold roof part, bugger!) apart from that it looks mint, i think so anyway!. Windows are tinted using PS-31 smoke, will paint up the driver once i have my painting skills to a level where im confident in not making a mess of it!. The Wheels are 1pc alloy anodized gold and suit this very nicely I think, the tyres are NEW bridgestones from a Nikko model."
Congrats for a superb optima!

Photography: Tamiyoman

20 Oct 2009


TamiyaClub 's Freyahel has a beautiful white rollcage Javelin as you can see here.
This has given me the envy of rendering my 3D Javelin with ivory color...
It's been a while that this frontal shot of the dimly lit Javelin was in my head and I never saw it on the web, so I decided it was about time to do it.
I like it very much!

Okay, snobbers will say that 212 is for the Salute and the correct Javelin number is 209. ;-)

19 Oct 2009

Tribute to Marwan 5: Turbo Rocky

Hello fellow optimaniacs!
It's been a while :D This is my new paintjob, a Turbo Rocky!
Needless to say, this was not my favourite Kyosho body. Those who know the box art body perhaps feel (like me) that the Turbo Rocky is (arguably) one of the ugliest Kyosho body design.
Of course one can argue that this caterpillar look is fantastic, but the general consensus is that it was a design fail (I think Kogawa didn't design this one but I can be wrong)...

But it actually is one of my favourite chassis! the original Rocky wasn't very sexy (lot of plastic, few metal parts) but it was a cheap car targeted to 4WD beginners. The turbo Rocky has a slick and very original metal chassis (double deck), 4 wheels independent platinum oil shocks, stabilizers front and rear. Basically, one can affirm that the car was aimed to fight the Tamiya Bigwig, both supporting 8.4V batteries.

Why a Rocky on an Optima blog? ;-)
Because after all the Rockies were the optima's little brothers, so the general characteristics are quite similar (chain drive, double wishbone long arms suspension, etc.) BUT the rockies are midship, and prefigure the trends which will affect optimas with the mid series (the chain will be replaced by belts of course).

This Turbo Rocky is fitted with Tamiya Oval block Supergripper tires, on chrome Kyosho low profile wheels. I also swapped the dual front oil shock layout with the original Rocky monoshock one, and changed the rear oil shock geometry in favor of the original rocky one, too.

I was not fond of the turbo rocky suspension layout and choose to prefer the original one.
Again, a question of personal taste, because I guess for running the Turbo Rocky layout is much better. Motor is a LeMans 240SB, and the battery is a Kyosho 8.4V (genuine, bought from Marwan if I remember well). I also decided to trim the sides of the body to get a slimmer look to the car. The foglights and the (happy) driver are from Tamiya's (again) Z parts tree.

And I LOVE the look of the aluminium special sprocket! :D

The body is of course a repro by Marwan (as well as the decals).

I forgot to present the superb chassis :

25 Sep 2009

Tribute to Marwan 4: Optima Box art

My next tribute to Marwan's repro art: the Optima box art.
This is my first optima box art paintjob. I wanted to be experienced enough to be able to succeed this epic paintscheme...

Actually I finished the body several weeks ago but hadn't enough spare time to finish the tires markings... You guess how time consuming this tasks is :-s

I guess all optimaniacs know that the optima box art is very difficult, because the color layers are multiple and the '5' is lacking in the official decal sheet, not to mention the stripe lines work, the driver (not a lot of documentation here)...

All in all, I had a very long work on this one (several weeks); it's not perfect, the blue is a Tamiya one and is too dark and too reddish, the lines are a bit approximative, but I tried to mimmick the box art the best I could. Next time I'll use a Kyosho calsonic blue, which will be far closer to the official vintage colour scheme.

Body: Marwan AlNusif
Decals: Marwan AlNusif
"5" decal: Franz "Hagar" Delaunay

8 Sep 2009

Tribute to Croky_b part 2 : Lazer ZX-R

After the Triumph on the sister blog (UltimaHouse), I've finished painting and decorating the successor of the succesful Mid series, the Lazer. I skipped the ZX as I am not really fond of its body (but i'll give a try later). This is a repro body made by my chap Croky_b. As usual, the painting exercise was difficult because I didn't like the ZX-R body neither at first, but now I am quite convinced that the body has some potential. It is a bit too large, perhaps. I was short of mid wings so I used a Kamtec Javelin/Ultima wing.

In order to match the blue livery, I switched the gold shocks with 3Racing Lazer Zx-5 shocks.

5 Aug 2009

Impulseman's Optima runner

A very nice Optima runner, fitted with an Optima pro body, but painted like a box art optima. The shocks are Mini Inferno's optional shocks (Kyosho). You can check this thread to see the restoration work. Very good job, Impulseman!

Photography by Impulseman

3 Aug 2009

Tribute to Marwan 3: LWB Optima Mids Duo

Here's my 3rd tribute to Marwan's repro work.
The Turbo Optima Mid Special (without the bulb) and the Optima Mid Custom, the two racy Long Wheel Base Mids. These are my preferred LWB bodies.

The wheels are Option House Chrome, tires are square block Hard type for the T Mid Sp and classic OT-66 style pin spike for the Mid Custom. The T Mid Sp has Pargu2000's aluminium wheels, and they're superb!

The T Mid Sp has my custom made Carbon shock stays.

Many thanks to Marwan, who provided the bodies and the decals.

31 Jul 2009

A bit of admin...

Hello optimaniacs!

Nothing special today, except that I changed a bit the layout of the right column, and added tags per car "species" ;-)
It is easier to find a particular topic if you're interested by Javelins, Mids, virtual images, and so on...

15 Jul 2009

Nice Javelins shots by Sayroll

My french chap Sayroll has some of the best Javelins examples I've ever seen, and these look even better now that a pro photographer gave a shooting on his best ones. The genuine, red and gold in black are among my favourites.
More on the new Javelins SIG on TC

12 Jul 2009

Optima, Gas powered on Yahoo Japan

It's a collector's item! the unique gas powered Optima I've ever seen!
The auction ends in less than 5 hours on Yahoo Japan.
The car was published in a japanese RC magazine in 1985, along with a AYK Sidewinder or a Buffalo (Bobcat?), also converted to gas engine.
The upper plate and main chassis are FRP custom made. It's a pity the scans are so low quality.
If you want to see the auction
Photographs by Sandaypost

9 Jul 2009

All NIB (new in box)!!!

Darryn from RetroRC is a lucky passionate collector. I never , never, have seen a collection like his! Optima, Javelin, Optima pro, Optima gold, Turbo Op, Salute blue, Salute yellow, Op Mid, Turbo Op Mid, Turbo Op Mid SE, Turbo Op Mid SP, Op Mid Custom and Op Mid Custom SP! Interestingly enough, Darryn noticed that according to the product ref number, the Optima Pro came before the Javelin! Besides, you can see that only the Turbo Op Mid SP has a taller box (the third from the right on the pic below), probably to accomodate the 8 tires provided in the kit...?
Congrats, Darryn! ;-)
More infos here
Photographs by Darryn