25 Mar 2009

Still alive

Hello fellow optimaniacs!
No, I'm not dead, but as you perhaps noticed, no news about the optima for a long time ;-)
A chap of mine is busy on a Javelin rollcage repro project, and I'm very confident he will succeed!
Apart from that, I was working on a Gallop and Progress 4WDS restoration, so the blog was very quiet recently ;-)


rcjunkie3000 said...

Any new updates to the white Optima-theme ZX-5?

Simple Nature Spirit said...

I didn't know that these things were so addictive... some 20 years ago. I still have my Javelin but it is looking for a good home. I'm working on a hybrid project as well... classic Optima meets Mid.

How exactly did you make the different colors of the Javelin rollcages? Die or paint?

Blanch Bunch said...

I love the 3D model of the Optima Mid. I read that you used Google sketchup to do them. How accurate are the part dimensions? I'm trying to reproduce some parts for my ancient Mid and would love to be able to use some of your models, so I don't have to create my own.

optimaforever said...

@ Simple Nature Spirit:
The different colors (orange, yellow and green) on the official cages are different dye on plastic.
The other ones (red, purple) can be achieved with dye too but you'll need the yellow cage to get a beautiful red or purple. In the case of the Optima House pics, they are digital renders, so I can paint the rollcages the colour I want. :-D

optimaforever said...

@ Blanch Bunch:
If you need carbon parts for your mid, just try fibre-lyte.
What parts do you need exactly?

optimaforever said...

nope, sorry... too much rain in Belgium recently ;-)

Blanch Bunch said...

Well, I wanted to actually machine some parts myself, as I have essentially a full machine shop at my disposal. Plus its no fun to just buy something when you can make it for nothing. Specifically, I was looking for models of the flat stock items, like the chassis, top plate, shock towers and hinge pin retainers.

Veloce said...

Hello, would anyone know if anyone makes a repro Javelin rollcage yet?.