7 Jul 2009

3D OPTIMA MID: update

Finally I spent some time to update my old 3D model of the Turbo Optima Mid;
OT-102 belt cover and OT-99 wing stay.


Alcyon said...

hello there, i have been an optimaniac since 1990 when i got my used Turbo Optima Mid. i practically trashed it from 1990 -1997. i also got a stash of 80's magazines featuring articles and ass for the optima mid that i do not see anyone else posting them on the internet yet. i recently got the bug to restore my optima mid, and an old friend og mine want to sell his Turbo optima Mid Special LWB to me. but what scares me the most is the 3 gear drive train, as you know it doesnt last long especially with the power of brushless motors. After thinking long and hard about a way to solve this problem, last night an inspiration came to me, a single belt drive optima mid, that doesnt need the top gear and center gear ! the belt looping will be done in similar way as the kyosho kx-one, or the kawada sigma. to this, i will need to make a new top pulley, and a new pinch roller to be put in place where the center gear was. i would also have to cut a new opening on the rear gearbox lower to let the now longer belt come out to the front. good thing about this is a lot of mid owners will not be afraid to run their cars anymore. Bad news is you will have to hack the rear gearbox a bit. i am and engineer since 2003 and i know i can do this. But i have a favor to ask from you. That 3D model you did, is it in engineering software or special EFX software. Is it possible for you to send to me all the files you have drawn so that i can tremendously save my time on this one belt project, instead i would have to measure and redraw every single part to get the new belt dimensions right. i have an account on youtube under the username alcyon2sp, and have a video of the optima mid racing a lazer zx in 1991. please let me know if you can help.

optimaforever said...

Hello Alcyon,
Very happy to see another optimaniac here!
I'm not sure if my 3D model will be of any use in your case, because I didn't model the innergearcase nor did I use precision tools to measure it.

Alcyon said...

well thats ok then, i will have to remeasure the gearbox internals and do my own 3D. i will let you know how it goes. but my priority now is to restore the LWB mid i just got today !