9 Jul 2009

All NIB (new in box)!!!

Darryn from RetroRC is a lucky passionate collector. I never , never, have seen a collection like his! Optima, Javelin, Optima pro, Optima gold, Turbo Op, Salute blue, Salute yellow, Op Mid, Turbo Op Mid, Turbo Op Mid SE, Turbo Op Mid SP, Op Mid Custom and Op Mid Custom SP! Interestingly enough, Darryn noticed that according to the product ref number, the Optima Pro came before the Javelin! Besides, you can see that only the Turbo Op Mid SP has a taller box (the third from the right on the pic below), probably to accomodate the 8 tires provided in the kit...?
Congrats, Darryn! ;-)
More infos here
Photographs by Darryn


color life said...

your blog is good
i like it

optimaforever said...

Thanks color life :-)