8 Jul 2009

Tribute to Marwan; Mid Custom SP

Here's my tribute to Marwan's repro part one:
Finally I've decided to be a man and to finish these restoration work by painting the bodies.
My first attempt was a turbo optima that I still have to show here, but in the meantime I've succeeded in finishing my very first Optima Mid Custom special (what an endless name) design.
As you perhaps know, it's not my favourite body design amidst optima shells (I even doubt Kogawa has ever been involved in this one?) but for a long time I've been trying to imagine how to modify the original paintscheme to better underline the futuristic bodyshape.
The first thing that I didn't like was the designline of the cockpit. Its proportion looked too small for the width of the body. So my first source of inspiration were the cockpit of similarly shaped airplanes like the F14 Tomcat, F15 Eagle, Mig 27, Spitfire, P-51D Mustang, Supersabre, Panavia Tornado, Gloster Meteor, T-33 Shootingstar, A-7 Crusader, etc. My main concern was to draw a new designline to change the perception of the proportions. Then came the small linework to give more detailing to fake the "metalplates" (minus the rivets). I used Kyosho Micron linetapes (0,4 and 1mm). This is time-consuming; with very thin lines it's very difficult to reproduce straight lines on a curved body (not to mention curved lines on curved bodies). And finally some air intake were gimmickly placed at the nose (I wasn't totally convinced by the angular design of the nose, so I decided to use the angles to express a kind of F86 Sabre-like nose), at the side wings, and at the rear top (which was obvious) to complete the airplane inspired look.
When I had finished smoking the cockpit glass I suddenly realized it resembled to the Avante design (somewhat) but I don't mind... ^_^
Thanks again Marwan for your beautiful repros (body + decals)


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nice paint job!

Alcyon said...

hi my friend, i see that you use the ZX-5 shocks on this car. i know that the lazer zx and zx-r arms will fit on the mid,also the shcok towers, but will the zx-5 arms and hub fit on the mid too? does anyone know? i would like to update the suspension of the car. i beleive only the suspesnsion is outdated.