25 Sep 2009

Tribute to Marwan 4: Optima Box art

My next tribute to Marwan's repro art: the Optima box art.
This is my first optima box art paintjob. I wanted to be experienced enough to be able to succeed this epic paintscheme...

Actually I finished the body several weeks ago but hadn't enough spare time to finish the tires markings... You guess how time consuming this tasks is :-s

I guess all optimaniacs know that the optima box art is very difficult, because the color layers are multiple and the '5' is lacking in the official decal sheet, not to mention the stripe lines work, the driver (not a lot of documentation here)...

All in all, I had a very long work on this one (several weeks); it's not perfect, the blue is a Tamiya one and is too dark and too reddish, the lines are a bit approximative, but I tried to mimmick the box art the best I could. Next time I'll use a Kyosho calsonic blue, which will be far closer to the official vintage colour scheme.

Body: Marwan AlNusif
Decals: Marwan AlNusif
"5" decal: Franz "Hagar" Delaunay

8 Sep 2009

Tribute to Croky_b part 2 : Lazer ZX-R

After the Triumph on the sister blog (UltimaHouse), I've finished painting and decorating the successor of the succesful Mid series, the Lazer. I skipped the ZX as I am not really fond of its body (but i'll give a try later). This is a repro body made by my chap Croky_b. As usual, the painting exercise was difficult because I didn't like the ZX-R body neither at first, but now I am quite convinced that the body has some potential. It is a bit too large, perhaps. I was short of mid wings so I used a Kamtec Javelin/Ultima wing.

In order to match the blue livery, I switched the gold shocks with 3Racing Lazer Zx-5 shocks.