8 Sep 2009

Tribute to Croky_b part 2 : Lazer ZX-R

After the Triumph on the sister blog (UltimaHouse), I've finished painting and decorating the successor of the succesful Mid series, the Lazer. I skipped the ZX as I am not really fond of its body (but i'll give a try later). This is a repro body made by my chap Croky_b. As usual, the painting exercise was difficult because I didn't like the ZX-R body neither at first, but now I am quite convinced that the body has some potential. It is a bit too large, perhaps. I was short of mid wings so I used a Kamtec Javelin/Ultima wing.

In order to match the blue livery, I switched the gold shocks with 3Racing Lazer Zx-5 shocks.


UltimaPro´s Kyosho Vintage said...

Nice Zx-r,looks amazing.
Where can i find this body?

Tobbe said...

Definitely one of the nicest Kyosho´s I have seen...stunning! I really admire Your work!

optimaforever said...

thank you!
Ìnterested by repros bodies?
I can ask him.

Alcyon said...

do you know where i can get lazer zx or zx-r front and rear arms, hubs and knuckle?