20 Oct 2009


TamiyaClub 's Freyahel has a beautiful white rollcage Javelin as you can see here.
This has given me the envy of rendering my 3D Javelin with ivory color...
It's been a while that this frontal shot of the dimly lit Javelin was in my head and I never saw it on the web, so I decided it was about time to do it.
I like it very much!

Okay, snobbers will say that 212 is for the Salute and the correct Javelin number is 209. ;-)

1 comment:

Pixel said...

Ouaaaaah, M.Y G.O.D !! It's reaaaaal !! Copngrats on the render, I saw it before you :) BTW 212 is the number of the salute, not the Javelin.