19 Oct 2009

Tribute to Marwan 5: Turbo Rocky

Hello fellow optimaniacs!
It's been a while :D This is my new paintjob, a Turbo Rocky!
Needless to say, this was not my favourite Kyosho body. Those who know the box art body perhaps feel (like me) that the Turbo Rocky is (arguably) one of the ugliest Kyosho body design.
Of course one can argue that this caterpillar look is fantastic, but the general consensus is that it was a design fail (I think Kogawa didn't design this one but I can be wrong)...

But it actually is one of my favourite chassis! the original Rocky wasn't very sexy (lot of plastic, few metal parts) but it was a cheap car targeted to 4WD beginners. The turbo Rocky has a slick and very original metal chassis (double deck), 4 wheels independent platinum oil shocks, stabilizers front and rear. Basically, one can affirm that the car was aimed to fight the Tamiya Bigwig, both supporting 8.4V batteries.

Why a Rocky on an Optima blog? ;-)
Because after all the Rockies were the optima's little brothers, so the general characteristics are quite similar (chain drive, double wishbone long arms suspension, etc.) BUT the rockies are midship, and prefigure the trends which will affect optimas with the mid series (the chain will be replaced by belts of course).

This Turbo Rocky is fitted with Tamiya Oval block Supergripper tires, on chrome Kyosho low profile wheels. I also swapped the dual front oil shock layout with the original Rocky monoshock one, and changed the rear oil shock geometry in favor of the original rocky one, too.

I was not fond of the turbo rocky suspension layout and choose to prefer the original one.
Again, a question of personal taste, because I guess for running the Turbo Rocky layout is much better. Motor is a LeMans 240SB, and the battery is a Kyosho 8.4V (genuine, bought from Marwan if I remember well). I also decided to trim the sides of the body to get a slimmer look to the car. The foglights and the (happy) driver are from Tamiya's (again) Z parts tree.

And I LOVE the look of the aluminium special sprocket! :D

The body is of course a repro by Marwan (as well as the decals).

I forgot to present the superb chassis :


Cyril said...

Such a nice car that I'm almost sick of having traded my own one. Totale réussite!!!

Cyril said...

Such a nice car that I'm almost sick of having traded my own one. Totale réussite!!!

Franco said...

Love your paint on your Turbo Rocky!


optimaforever said...

Thanks guys!

Franco said...

I have a web site where I can purchase 4mm anodized wheel nuts but where do you buy yours?


Send me your current email so I can ask you directly


Franco said...

I have several Turbo Rockys and I like them. They are different looking and I don't think that are that ugly.

Chris Murphy said...

I see that the turbo rocky body is available, but what about the original rocky body do you know if anyone is doing an aftermarket body for it?

optimaforever said...

I don't know anybody reproducing the original rocky body. Just sad because I have so many Rockies. Maybe I should convert them to T Rocky...

acmracing-vintagerc said...

ya, I hear on that I also have a few that could use a body