28 Dec 2009

looking for Option House Low Profile tire?

Do you recognize this one? Actually it's a very truthfully cloned wide Option House low profile tire (Hard type). Instead of the signs "Bridgestone" & "Sand Super", one can read "Dirt Paw". The size fits 1.9" low profile wheels perfectly (turbo Optima OT-67 / optima Mid OT-90 / all 1.9" Ultima wide wheels).
On the side point, they smell very much (burnt gum) when they're new and tend to get white very quickly if not used.
The good news is that it's not vintage at all, and can be bought by Conrad Belgium for 4.99€ (a pair). With these you can run your Optima & Mids without sacrifying your very expensive originals (that ought to the shelves)...
Isn't life beautiful? :D

8 Dec 2009

JPS Optima by Tamiyoman

Here's a superb John Player Special livery painted by Myles aka Tamiyoman from TamiyaClub.
A little excerpt : "Painted the Marwan repro shell myself (PS-1 black looks great but i suffered a little paint bleed on the gold roof part, bugger!) apart from that it looks mint, i think so anyway!. Windows are tinted using PS-31 smoke, will paint up the driver once i have my painting skills to a level where im confident in not making a mess of it!. The Wheels are 1pc alloy anodized gold and suit this very nicely I think, the tyres are NEW bridgestones from a Nikko model."
Congrats for a superb optima!

Photography: Tamiyoman