8 Dec 2009

JPS Optima by Tamiyoman

Here's a superb John Player Special livery painted by Myles aka Tamiyoman from TamiyaClub.
A little excerpt : "Painted the Marwan repro shell myself (PS-1 black looks great but i suffered a little paint bleed on the gold roof part, bugger!) apart from that it looks mint, i think so anyway!. Windows are tinted using PS-31 smoke, will paint up the driver once i have my painting skills to a level where im confident in not making a mess of it!. The Wheels are 1pc alloy anodized gold and suit this very nicely I think, the tyres are NEW bridgestones from a Nikko model."
Congrats for a superb optima!

Photography: Tamiyoman

1 comment:

Tobias said...

Looking great!!!!! What model of Nikko did you get the tires from?