20 Jun 2009

Croky_b did it again... the Mini Op Mid

Nope, this isn't photoshop work, it's real. My chap Cedric aka Croky_b made this body from scratch, smoking cigars and watching TV at the same time ;-D
Again, based on the Tamtech gear Hotshot chassis.
He will perhaps sell some copies next time for those interested... ask me if you are ;-)
More here

19 Jun 2009

Optima Mid Hybrid by Simple Nature Spirit

I've followed passionately the blog by Simple Nature Spirit about the resurrection of his very singular hybrid optima chassis. Combining a front optima geartrain with mid reartrain and a chain is very surprising. He even succeded to convert the optima original diff into ball diff!
The steering linkage is a combination of optima parts and free interpretation of ultima ones!
Not to mention the front monoshock design, inspired by the yokomos of the golden era...
But the most interesting part is of course the rear gearbox secret... check his blog if you're curious. Very good job!

12 Jun 2009

Turbo Rocky repro bodies

Again not strictly Optima news but it happens that I'm also a big fan of the Turbo Rocky (the metal version of the Rocky). Marwan "Holy Wholly" AlNusif succeeded to repro its body (veeeeeery difficult to find on Ebay).