16 Jan 2010

RC museum (@home) by waimea JPN

Very clean, white walls & OSB chipboards planks, simple and elegant. Looks like the bedroom's wardrobe has been switched to a RC library :D
Waimea (Hawaii addicted japanese blogger) owns lot of Tamiya & Kyosho vintage (Ultima, Optima, Optima Mid, Optima pro to name a few).
Photography by Waimea (JPN)

7 Jan 2010

Happy new year 2010!

Happy new year fellow optimaniacs!
It's a cold winterday today, and I decided to take pictures of my javelins in the snow for the first post of the year. My fingers are cold like ice after the shooting. brrrrrrrr!!!
I usually don't run in the snow so I'm not very cold weatherproof. Are you?
I don't know if you got nice gifts from Santa but I've got a surprising one this year.
3 years after the birth of this blog, I got a kind message from Akira Kogawa, the very designer of the Optima! It was very pleasant to get known by the father of all my preferred buggies. For those who missed the post about Akira Kogawa, please have a look here.
I've asked him if he had interesting stories to share with optimaniacs, time will tell, I'm keeping in touch!