7 Jan 2011


Happy new year optimaniacs!

2011 is a good year for us because someone finally had the guts to reproduce the famous OT-30, aka Optima/Javelin tires!!! Incredible!
The good news come from Kuwait, and every optimaniac in the world must know nowadays that Marwan AlNusif makes the best vintage repro of bodies and decals for us optima fans! So I'm very confident about the quality of these tires, and that the long wait is finally over for all the people looking for new tires for their Optima and Javelin.
I'm probably not the only one thinking that OT-30 are the most beautiful vintage buggy tires ever designed... but at a price! Recently on ebay a pair of OT-30 sold for 80US$... soooooo expensive! when the tires exceed the value of a kit, then we need to think again... :D
Thanks to Marwan, I'll finally be able to realize my old dream: RUN A JAVELIN WITH GENUINE STOCK TIRES!!!! 1000 thanks mate!
By the way, if the OT-30 adventure is a success (and I can't imagine how it could be else), pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase think about the OT-66 and the turbo scorpion tires! ;)


Franco said...

That's awesome! I hope her does Scorpion tires as well for us Scorpion fanatics.


Jonathan Leech said...

Hooray! I saw his showroom pic on tc and noone had caught on that they are repros. Checked here to see if there was any news and there it was. I am so happy right now!