28 May 2011

New Alu Shock collars for Optima?

Korea's Pargu is very active in the vintage kyosho field and it's always a pleasure to stumble upon a new item of his on ebay. This time it's the red shock collar for Optima, you know, the one that breaks easily when you overscrew it. He says it's handmade but what does it mean exactly? Just wondering... Anyway, it's way tougher than the originals, I guess, and if he succeeds to make some of them, it will probably be a huge win for him (and for us optimaniacs).
I don't post a link here but every optimaniac should know how to check it out :D

14 May 2011

Marwan's OT-66 repros are there!

Here we are!
As I suggested a few months ago, after the optima's OT-30, someone finally has tackled
the challenge of reproducing the famous OT-66 tires. You probably were looking for this final achievement for the beloved Turbo Optima or Optima Mid shelfqueens (not to mention Ultimas), but finally the wait is over!
Kuwait's Marwan AlNusif did it again. I don't know if the quality is up to the original but I guess Marwan did not cut the angles to improve his knowhow after the OT-30 episode... Hey, Marwan, would you mind sending me a pair of OT-66 to let me tell optimaniacs about the quality of these? :D
You're a god, mate!!! Full respect.