3 Jan 2013

Best wishes for 2013!

Optima box art
Hello fellow optimaniacs!
It's been a year since I last wrote on my blog so I guess it's a bit of a surprise but I'm still alive and kicking! :D
I've had a lot of things to do last year (but nothing on the optima front except some spare parts for the mini-z optima) so I left the blog unbusy... What's the status of the Optimania these days? Each day there are people posting new pics on vintage forums so I don't think the craze is over yet. On Ebay there is no shortage of spare parts (the repro market is very active; tires, bodies, shock collars, ...) and on Tamiya Club for instance, the SIG is full of pictures. This year I'll finish my 3D Optima Mid for sure and I'll paint some Mid bodies as well. Sure! :D

PS I've begun a new blog about mini-z autoscales if you care :D