6 Dec 2014

Optimaniac's restoration Shopping list : 6. PARGU


Based in South Korea, Pargu established himself in 2006 as a powerseller on Ebay, manufacturing complex aluminium wheels (Javelin, Turbo Optima, Optima Mid, Tamiya SRB, Hotshot, FAV, etc.) and now is able to produce the most complicated parts one can imagine. (OT-14 for example)

Optima / Ultima red shock clamp (10mm)

OT-14 Optima Skid plate
Available in polished aluminium (default), anodised red, gold, black, blue, green, purple, yellow.

OT-85 Optima Mid Spur Gear
Available in polish or gold.

Black shock clamp for OptionHouse gold shocks (Turbo Optima, Optima Mid, etc.)

The shock is not included of course.

Optima Front bumper support
Available in gold, black, blue, red.

Turbo Optima Wheel Set wide
Available in polished, black, gold, blue, red, green

Turbo Optima Wheel set (just the cover)

Optima Motor guard

Optima Side Guards

OT-41 Final Pinion for Optima

Optima Rail Chassis

Optima Radio Plate

Optima Gold Chassis Celebration-like

Optima Front Side plate set
Optima Read Side Plate Set

Optima Shock stay

Optima custom front shock stay

Javelin / Turbo Optima Shock stay

Optima Driver Post

Optima Sus Arm Set

Optima Mid Sus Arms

Javelin / Ultima Wing

Javelin roof

Optima Mid Wing

Optima Mid & Lazer Wing Stay

OT-85 Optima Mid Center Gear

OT-19 Drive Washer for Optima Ultima Stinger Maxxum, Lazer

Front C-hub for Optima

Optima Front Servo Mount Plate

Optima Battery Holder

Optima Mid Shock Stay

Optima Mid Wheels

Optima Mid LWB Radio Plate

Optima Pro Radio Plate with Battery holders

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