16 Dec 2014

Optimaniac's restoration Shopping list : 9. Alcyon

Alcyon store

aka Rama Chandran

For Lazer ZX ZX-R ZX-RR
Replacement bumper for Lazer ZX in 2 parts : 40US$
Advantage is: you can detach the bumper by unscrewing 2 screws and replace front sus arms quickly.

Arm set original type or ZX-5 C Hub : 55US$
Choice of black, white or blue

Outer Arm capture blocks (plastic) : 10US$ each

For the Optima Mid:

White or black sus arms set (50US$)

B4 Slipper top shaft (to be able to fit contemporary Asso B4 gears in the Mid) : 35US$

Alloy Upper deck mount 45US$

plastic upper deck mount :25US$

OT-85 hard center gear for Optima Mid (18US$)
A grand classic, the gear that melts like butter under the sun


lionel dugat said...

je veux savoir ou acheter cette pièce:

optimaforever said...

Contacte Rama sur son email:
alcyon2sp (at) gmail.com
(Supprimer les espaces et remplacer l'arobase évidemment)
Langue shakespearienne de rigueur ;-)

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